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Thread: [WTF]Mad Monarch - 10:20EST - 05/17/10

  1. Default [WTF]Mad Monarch - 10:20EST - 05/17/10

    Name in Game:[WTF]Mad Monarch
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:1821681
    Who banned you: (ADMIN) diablo<ibis .a>: banned player [WTF] Mad Monarch
    When:Around 10:20 - 05/17/10
    Where: WCS server
    Why banned: Unsure (Banned by admin)

    Other/Reason to unban: I enjoy playing across multiple servers and I have been playing on your WCS server for a short while, at the moment it's the best WCS server I can find and I would like to continue playing there.

    Not sure about admin rules but are there no systems in place to warn someone if they are doing something wrong before a ban/kick?, Still not sure what I was doing wrong but I didn't see anyone addressing me in chat.

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    yeah i got the demo can any1 tell me how to post it?

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    you were cheating pal

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    Add me to steam friend, I really would like to talk to you on how you thought I was cheating. Rather then post a whole lot here. You can copy and paste whatever convo you have with me through there if you like.

    Never used a hack in my life....except in Diablo II... map banned, never used it again lol.


    Or you can chat with me here, either or. I'd like to discuss this....

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    You can upload the demo via attachments. You have to find the demo in your css folder, i forget exact location, and you merely attach it to your post.
    Quote Originally Posted by maynard View Post
    thx for all the opinions and advice ppl... aside from rage lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO
    Think of the reserved slot as a vip ticket to the club. You get to go past the line and kick someone out of the club so you can get in. However if on your way to the club some fat ass gets stuck in the door when the bouncer goes to check him then you got to wait for the fire department to cut his fat ass out of the door before you can get in.

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    well if there are 2 admins who disagree with me i will unban you. Ill post the demo in a few mins

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    I've never seen a demo before...does it get posted here? and do I get to see it?

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    just hit the upload attachment button. then youll find the demo in your cstrike folder.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    here is the link of the post with the demos:

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    After viewing the demos....I can see how some of the shots might come across as hacking, but to be honest my shots were wild on many of those shots. I never realized I do the same thing over and over again wow, I thought I at least switched the direction I was going but apparently not lol.


    So doesn't look like I'll be unbanned before I'm off for the night. I'll check back again tomorrow to see if there are any updates!.
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