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Thread: Heads up about a certain feature in the new beta

  1. Default Heads up about a certain feature in the new beta

    • Will I be able to use or play with my demos with the new engine?

      No. Demos taken on older versions of the engine won't run on the new engine. However, you can preserve your old demos by recording them to video files. This can be done either by using Fraps, or the in-built Source Recorder (handy guide on using the Source Recorder).

    Please post with any corrections to this guide or any suggestions for it. It would be much appreciated by me.

    So if you have any demo's you've been holding onto you'd better convert them to another format before they become inoperable.

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    L4D players have had to deal with this constantly. I swear, the game engine for L4D changed almost every other week back in the day. There are 3rd party demo players, I don't know if this would support it:

    Also, you can record to avi from directly inside of any source engine game, bypassing fraps.
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    There are also Demo Players.. Ask Zero, he would know.

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    i use complexity's demo viewer. used to use it for 1.6 but recently i found out it works with sourcetv as well.

    makes it easier to rip clips off and make videos

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    Wait and this also can play it without the game!?

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    [text limit thing]

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    Well I got to try this out but if my steam account gets stolen some how people are going to die.

    Well it does run the demo in the game just like what I had before but it has some nice tools that can be useful without needing to view the demo or before watching it.
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