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    Permanent ban for wall hacking.

    I would like other clan members to take a look at the demo and confirm.

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    I agree with Christmas on this. He asked me to come in and see if Rice was walling, without any doubt this guy is.

    1) Normally he waits a few seconds and leaves spawn after he sees no one at the double doors, but if one stands behind it and not even show that he is there, he will sit there waiting forever,

    2) In my demo about the first or second round when he is going Long A, watch his crosshair, look exactly how the CT went from the bombsite to Short A then jumps down into Spawn. the guy never revealed himself and out of the blue he looks that way (not exactly on him) throws a grenade to the exact pioint where he is going to be and shoots.

    This guy shows everything for being a waller.


    Short demo because I automatically went to play the demo with sv_cheats 1 and mat_wireframe 1 and saw everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RicenChicken View Post
    Cloud. I know thats weird but you gotta take the fact that my team was at short A on the other side of the box by the stairs, watch the radar on this. He was behind the box and not shooting, spraying and threw a flash as well down there. So thats how you coulda figured out that they jumped down. and Christmas i didnt really see any wall-type shots in ur demo. Its just up to you guys to decide.
    Lol, watch my demo with sv_cheats 1 and mat_wireframe 1

    Btw Zero, this has sb_Status on it so you can send it in to Steambans

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    First the demos only go to steam bans not vac. Those are two different things. Second for whatever reason it is not letting me upload the demo I have so if someone else can dl the one I posted and upload it there and make the report it will ensure he gets banned

    As for the other demo that is funny that we find out that now b/c if that was posted at the start he would have just been perma banned to extend the original ban and I could have saved 3-4 hours of watching demos. lol. The old demos can not be reported as they are an outdated version.

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