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Thread: "Validating Steam Files" (Help me please?)

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    Hey everyone, I've been having this problem that only exists when I try to play CS:S where I will push the play button then Steam pops up a box with a progress bar that says "Please wait while steam verifies game files" it loads up to 100% then just states "All file successfully validated" with the only option from their being to close. I think that the files having been validated would mean I just need to relaunch the game now and it again does the same process.

    I HAVE:
    Looked through Steam support to no avail
    Looked through various forums
    Looked at 4 year old cached forums of the same message

    I have noticed that many of the people seeing the same problem also frequently receive an error that the Steam server is too busy however that is not true in my case. Next step I'm following is putting in a query to Steam.


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    Problem solved by Envy fuck yeah

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