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    This thread is to track ideas for a SM version of WCS to aid in the possible development of this mod. This first post will be used to track ideas that hopefully will ultimately be submitted for a real project. In order to create a good mod it is best to work with a modular system started from the core and then the given addons/extensions needed for the functionality of the mod. As such the core plugin would also require an api allowing easy communication amongst the plugins. Below is the ideas so far:

    WCS Core
    The core of WCS needs to handle tracking of XP for the given races and setup the API needed for communication between races and other addons to the core.

    Core API
    These are suggested commands that would function as the backbone for the base API to track data. Logically most if not all of this data is stored in a database.

    Unique Traceable Values
    STEAM_ID -Everything below this is stored under this in the database
    UNIQUE_RACE_NAME -Everything below this is stored under a unique race ID

    -Short Term Values
    Some values may be required for tracing only on a round by round or map by map basis.

    The Unique Traceable Values are stored under a users steam_id and can be queried by any plugin.

    CVAR Type Values

    WCS Chat
    A plugin to handel the lists of data ranging from shop menu items to races is required. This plugin can link the data of independent plugins for things like races to the user via selection screen. This plugin also handles the restriction of given races or levels.

    WCS Races
    Similar to how it works now each race acts as its own plugin and communicates with the mod via the api.

    WCS Shop Menu Items
    Like the races items can be their own plugin and communicate via the api.

    Remember this is a WIP you can post suggestions and comments below. The idea behind this project is to make it so that there can basically be almost unrestricted freedom in race and item design.
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