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    i have a ashitty demo of an aim botter, he ran around headshotting with a Deagle
    on wcs server, a few others have demos as well which i asked to have posted o this thread

    i ip banned him but it may not have worked because my internet seems to be glitching on me atm

    so his IP is STEAM_0:0:28333897
    if you wanna ban him for reassurance

    was ridic how he was like lvl 14 human with a score of 14-0 tell someone mentioned him hacking, then he started to purpously die lol ending with a score of 14-3 before he left

    if MY demo is not good enough a few others including onyeyed and newbie to the forums quacker have demos as well

    edit: after banning him then having maynard clarify that he made sure he was perma banned, the server crashed like 4 times in a row, once it was working agian i joined, and he joioned agian. like he was immune to the ban
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    this dude had aimbot, ill post the demo tom, im on my iphone atm. my demo may not be enough bcoz some nub yelled out sumone had aimbot ffs. 100% sure hacks.

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    did you ban through admin menu or through console? always use console. admin menu doesn't always stick it seems
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    i banned threw console using ma_banip <> <>

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