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    ok, i was looking for information about scrims and what they are all about, and i followed a link to CAL's website. There was just a logo, and a timer counting down about 20 days from now. anyone know what that means?
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    Why are you looking about info with scrim anyway?

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    yes cal/cpl are "supposed" to be coming back... but if you know the history behind it, it will most likely fail and is only being hyped up in order for the current owners to sell it off again.

    see article below

    its all bullshit, not gonna hold my breath

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    CAL and CPL is dead. The only reasonable league to start on is ESEA or the newly built ECO-League.

    If you want to scrim then you need to get a good 5, a 100tic boosted server, some core strategist and you're good to go. If you're new to the competitive side of css then I'll tell you now that many will laugh at you trying to scrim with 33 or 66 tic servers.

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    Yea cal and a lot of competitive gaming for css died after years of netcode problems along with the initial split with cs. It is a good thing that valve is fixing these problems in the beta so there can be leagues again, ok maybe not...

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    these tourneys are dim in comparison to other leagues. played cal, was supposed to be cpl, then SI was shit out of the league for some reason. Oh well, I'll never look back.

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    Atleast with the beta's existence it's a sign of competency from them. The sudden untested engine change of hl2 certainly isnt!

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    update: CAL/CPL has officially given up on whatever it was they were trying to accomplish... called that the day they put the timers up on the sites a couple months ago... fail... check the sites now. it's just an empty domain.

    and cpl was the LAN tournaments... cal was the online (free) league that got blown out of the water by cevo and esea. now cevo is shit and esea has taken the top spot. wtf was SI? never even heard of such a league... and ECO is no more Epic, they failed straight out of the gate. the only decent free league nowadays is XPL, and they fired their GM for CS/CSS this week, which caused half of their staff to quit. i give XPL another year until they fail miserably... they hired some new chick as GM last night, but she was an ECO admin with little managing experience... amber turner.

    soon cevo will fall off completely with their shitty ACS and AC staff that even organner can get around, and only ESEA will remain.

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    si was my team

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