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Thread: tactical intervintion closed beta

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    any one doing that? i have sighned up for it a month ago waiting for a e-mail to get the beta key but have yet to get one it looks so fun just curious ifany one eles is getting in on this

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    i take it not lol

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    I didn't even know there was a closed beta. I would've liked to have been a part of it.
    Kiro : us fireyes got dumb by his girl that y he is suck

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    I'm in it. Downloaded it last night... There's a lot of key usage. I kind of wished they combined most of the function into one instead of having things like a key to throw nades.

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    OH LUCKY! i want to play it so bad!!!! i want them to e-mail me back with permison to down load and play the beta i have been waiting so so long

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