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Thread: unban :(

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    Hey guys,

    sorry accidentally posted in wrong forum before anyways:

    I recently "Verified my game cache" through steam as I was told that would be a good way to try to get rid of these "timed out" errors in CSS. The steam instruction had me re-name the CSS folder then start up CSS. What it failed to mention was that when you start up CSS it then creates a second CSS folder with the correct name . This is how you are sure you are using the most updated cache or something.

    Anyways, I tried to join, and of course it had all the defaults (I didn't know) and i got auto-banned I think (no names were associated with it, it just said kicked and banned)

    Can i be un-banned? <=== CSG Ethos
    Banned from server ip: (zombie mod+)
    steam id 6276088

    I luckily had my CFG file saved away so I didn't lose any of my stuff, so everything is back in order now.



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    yep. that was an unnamed ban. the server automaticaly boots folks w/ "unnamed" as a name. try again. ot sure if it's perma or not, or how long it lasts if it's not perma. regardless, once zero gets on i'm sure this can be cleared up.

    edit: his id is STEAM_0:1:6276088
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    You should be able to change your name and rejoin the server.

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