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Thread: Banned for no reason, again..

  1. Exclamation Banned for no reason, again..

    okay, i was banned earlier for no reason but that was an accident. this time i couldnt get in touch with any admins so i am posting it on the forums..

    okay here is what happend, some 8 year old kid was micspamming on the map zm_little_town, everyone was telling him to be quiet.. i was sitting there in spec waiting to respawn and then something randomly pops up, guess what it was... "kicked and banned" for no reason for the second time.. im getting tired of this random banning if it happens like 3 times every day im quitting this server.

    my in game name is : OMG A ZOMBIE

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    Go under the "Rules" section then "Unban me" and read the post there....

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    ok i am

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    Got pug?
    Quote Originally Posted by hitman
    Hey Shrek take it easy.....why dont you grab your gf Fiona from that pic and just leave?

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