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Thread: ک|ŋ -Catastrophe- Need Help Deciding

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    Ok this player is a regular in the server and I probably shouldn't be doing this now since I am drunk but I am 50/50 on him using no-recoil hacks.

    STEAM_0:0:7964181 ک|ŋ -Catastrophe-

    Discuss please. Don't want to ban an innocent guy over this.

    ZERO: Fix the damn security token crap

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    He's not hacking. You're just drunk. His game looks exactly like what I thought was up w/Revived, this will likely be judged the same way that was.

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    Catastrophe has been playing on and off the server for quite some time now, and deff does not hack.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Hes a good friend of mine I know he doesnt hack, hes really fucking good with jack almost too good. But hes no hacker

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