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Thread: ummm... huh? banned?

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    yeah i was just kicked off the ZM server and it said "pwnd noob". i was kicked for no reason, i hadn't done anything wrong at all. then i tried to reconnect and now it says i'm banned. can someone tell me y i was banned if thats possible and for how long? and if someone could take the ban off if it's permaban? i seriously did nothing wrong. I don't even know who the admin is on right now. the last admin i saw was Mag36 maybe he would know who it is but i doubt it.

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    first off, welcome to the forum. second, post in the right place. while i know this might seem like a good spot, notice how there are almost no other unban request threads here. instead, seek out the mythical realm of the "unban me" section. once there, tread carefully, and ensure you have the proper format before submitting it.
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    oh....whoops, thanks

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