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    Yo its rambo, i noticed i dont have all my admin commands. I was wondering why that is. I payed for full admin and got like half of it gone. Im not authorized to give hp, no bombs and so on. just wondering why i dont have, no harm done. if i can get explanation that would be nice. cya ill be back to check the answers.

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    Yeah i was just in pub and notice that i couldnt use the admin only chat... "Team_say:@ blah blah" wasnt working. Do certain admins only have admin to the server that they usually play on?

    nvm.... admin chat worked just not doing it that way...
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    No admins are suposed to have those powers so you do have full powers other than those. The bombs have problems and are turned off and health is abused and is should be off. Sometimes I mess up and give it to people b/c I must activate admins by hand.

    There is an isue with the pub all you go to do is enter the command in consol and it will work fine. Example: ma_say or ma_csay or i think it is ma_tsay I would check the mani site or ask some of the old pub admins for the exact command.

  4. Default i paid for admin but dont have it

    Hey i paid for admin commands a day or 2 ago and i dont have any admin commands?

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