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Thread: Crak June 13th 9:30pm CST

  1. Default Crak June 13th 9:30pm CST

    Name in Game: Crak
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:1300566
    Who banned you: Server?
    When: 9:30pm central
    Where: Zombie MOD+
    Why banned: Joined with unnamed

    Other/Reason to unban:

    Just reinstalled CS and forgot that I had to fill in my name. Your server appeals to me. Low ping, and high population.



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    You sir win a cookie for posting correctly... Zero can't you just make it so it auto kicks them instead of banning them?

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    Sometimes it's a temp ban (me) others it's perma.

    He definitely gets points for correct thread and format.

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    I never understood why people should be banned automatically for having unnamed.

    Disconnected is a whole other story.

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    i 2nd that theory the only thing i can think of is maybe they would keep joining not knowing what is wrong...

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