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Thread: iPhone 4 Pre-Orders

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    Is anyone else trying to do this right now? Damimt I should have pulled an all nighter last night!

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    I feel that the iphone crazy is a bit silly.

    I feel that it's just another status symbol that most people use to feel better about themselves by showing their peers their cool new toys and getting a few more knotches in their cool factor.

    I do know, and don't discount that fact that the Iphone is cool and very useful for work or leisure.. I just feel that for the price of the hardware piggy-backing the price of the ongoing subscription for services (internet access, etc.) is not worth it unless it is for work.

    Also, I pisses me off when I buy a new toy and 6mo later they come out with a better one.

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    lol I'm not getting it to show off to everyone I couldn't give a shit they think. I've had every iPhone with the exception of the 3GS because I didn't feel it was a big enough improvement to upgrade. With the iPhone 4, however, there's so many new cool features. Taking HD pictures and video with your phone? Pretty damn awesome. I finally just got through the clusterfuck that is preordering. It's all AT&T's fault since their eligibility check is what always hangs up.

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    Android > iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spasm View Post
    Android > iPhone

    i dun like the iphail

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    Fuck Apple and fuck AT&T

    Android 4 life bitches
    I fucking love music
    Rip Paul Gray

    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxMastagunzxX View Post
    Fuck Apple and fuck AT&T

    Android 4 life bitches
    "high quality speed internet" my ass is high quality at&t can go eat a dick

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    gah I love the android, better locking system, and way better internet then the fucking iphone anyways I woulda got the iPhone if it was for Verizon
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    Quote Originally Posted by mastercheff View Post
    "high quality speed internet" my ass is high quality at&t can go eat a dick
    At&t has good internet, however this is not what the thread is about. Just there wireless stuff (cellphones and 3g) in most places is wanting, actually in most places their 3g is fastest, just unrealiable as hell.

    I got lucky though and At&t is great in the DC area

    The Iphone 4 looks very impressive, just im not willing to pony up to that 1700$ 2 year contract.

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    Nobody hates apple as much as me, but the android phones are crap right now. I uses the original google phone and the evo and as much as it pisses me off, they both suck WAY more than the iphone. The apps aren't even comparable, android phones are less reliable, and harder to take apart and replace parts (surprisingly easy on the iphone). The operating system is only ok, and the overall hardware is lackluster in comparison. This shall be the only time I will ever hype an apple product, because most of their shit is just overpriced porn, in the sense that people buy it so they can masturbate to themselves (iPad).

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