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Thread: Columbine ' s Highest Scorer STEAM_0:1:13036915/Clunge STEAM_0:0:10221811

  1. Default Columbine ' s Highest Scorer STEAM_0:1:13036915/Clunge STEAM_0:0:10221811

    Player name:Columbine ' s Highest Scorer / Clunge (two different players team killing at the same game)
    Steam-ID:STEAM_0:1:13036915 /
    sb_status: STEAM_0:1:13036915 Columbine ' s Highest Scorer XgyLrt1H/tqbKjJAWdxwfuQkgjXGJSJ2i6FavLbSN1T2+2yiQFNTDg== / STEAM_0:0:10221811 Clunge HsKzBr1OPdQGPJUro3mFWvH8FzMHP60Z

    What hacks: None that i know

    Other info: Both were team killing every round and after they were punished they would rejoin and came back to play the round. Then they would keep team killing until the game was over. I got the demo on the last few rounds, but they had been doing it since the game started.

    Demo is attached.

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    these guys again?

    i'm pretty sure that this is the second request thread on them recently.
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