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Thread: an Admin unbanning players who's ban time isn't up.

  1. Default an Admin unbanning players who's ban time isn't up.

    Admin's INGAME name: WHO EVER UNBANNED FERRET STEAM_0:0:14044658
    You're INGAME name: Alex_mamaroneck (ibis.a)

    How did he/she abuse (See TOS): there was a player, by the name of FERRET, that i had banned for 5000 minutes yesterday ON COSOLE (MA_BAN 5000 "STEAM_0:0:14044658") for disrespecting players and admins. he was banned numerous times BEFORE I BANNED because of it (minor bans). but he kept coming back and donig the same thing, disrespecting players and admins... when i banned him yesterday, someone told me he has more accounts and i said i'll be waiting for that. but i didn't see him after that. then today as soon as i logged on, he was banned for 30mins for prenuking in Atix. i wasn't able to catch his steam. the next 30 mins i saw him again and he was using the SAME STEAM ID (STEAM_0:0:14044658). i banned again....

    he never logged on to his other steam accounts... someone was unbanning him and i strongly believe its an abuse to the admin's part. Ferret was banned numorous times for the same reasons and he keeps getting unbanned to do the same shit. i want to know which admin is unbanning him and to request to get his power, to unban, stripped
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    I have banned him at least once everyday for the past week and he just keeps coming back, he constantly mic spams (which we mute him), disrespects admins, and breaks peoples cades. The only admin I know who is friends with him is nicktendo, I only know theyre friends because yesterday ferret got on and started screaming into his mic so I muted him, then nicktendo joined the server and asked me to unmute him and when I finally said ok he left the server. So it appears that the only reason he joined was to get his buddy unmuted, which right after he left ferret started screaming again and I remuted him.
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    ma_banip 10080 ftw

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by maynard View Post
    ma_banip 10080 ftw
    what does that mean maynard?

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    1 week ban command

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by maynard View Post
    1 week ban command
    pretend i'm a new admin and i want to ban someone.... what is the difference between ban and banip?

    what would i type on console with his steam STEAM_0:0:14044658?

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    holy crap ... just what i was looking for... Thank you so much Marynard..

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    always use banip.

    i'm pretty sure ma-ban only bans their name
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    Also can't people just use a proxy to get on if you ban their IP address?

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