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Thread: New CS Update

  1. Default New CS Update

    So how long should it take before the ZM server will be good to go now?

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    Hopefully my download finishes soon. :/ Taking forever! Wireless ftl.

    Hurreh up with zmod!

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    Zero said last week that it will be back up in a couple hours after the update.
    Got pug?
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    It wont let me join any servers at

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    Oh the joys of valve!

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    I would yell an obscenity but that would get me nowhere.

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    I'm pretty sure anything we do at this point will get us nowhere. :/

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    “Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.”
    - Jeff Cooper

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    The new CSS is pretty gay.

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    I can't even launch it...

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