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Thread: GG crashing

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    GG have been crashing every 5th min since it restarted by it self..
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    well if you'd be having a pool party with the other clan member and admins, and the rest of the community would be invited, people would start leaving soon, because they don't like being called niggers, or whores, or assholes, or even being banned from the pool cuz they swim faster, by people in charge that can't stand it if someone else wins.
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    Why do we not start with solarsoul's response and then follow it up with a flame war so it fits the trend of the other threads lol.

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    yes this was rather annoying to try and play

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    i changed the map from jungle to blue arena and it seemed to do the trick.. for now

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    Yeah, it's crashing quite often.

    If you were a beautiful sound in the echos all around, I'd be your harmony.

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    it appears to be down right now..

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