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Thread: So the work is starting

  1. Arrow So the work is starting

    I have told a few of you that I was planning on building a new website for the home page, ect. of IBIS Gaming. Well today I finished my first step, new brushes! With over 1700+ brushes I can now make some really cool looking graphics. I plan to make the nav non flash but the site will have some flash usage. In addition to visual improvements, I plan to preform major content overhauls on the site. I already have 2 large papers typed up that I plan to put on the site and I will be working on other small ones. I also want to start a system that will allow users to submit articles to be published on the site. Who knows, maybe in the future I will start a system where you can get a free reserved slot for X time if you write some popular articles.

    In addition to a new site layout and design I plan to release a series of art work and other multimedia items to promote IBIS Gaming. Things such as: in game sprays, forum signatures, desktop backgrounds, screen savers, counterstrike menu mods, and backgrounds, boot screens, and maybe even login screens. All of which will be themed around the new site. You may even see some additional changes to the forums graphics, however the overall theme of the forums will remain the same.

    I do a lot of work on the servers but keeping everything up on the web end is important to. I want the great community of IBIS to have the website it deserves. This is why I want to make a new one from the ground up! I have learned a lot over the last year and although I am not studying HTML, AJAX, JAVA, PHP, SQL, or FLASH in school I still think that the things that I have learned on my own over the last year will greatly help me to improve this site and give us one of the best looking and laid out designs on the internet

    Thank you all for your support of IBIS! Without all of you none of this would be possible. I am only one man, and one man can only accomplish so much. But with the support of a great community it is much easier to push yourself to new heights. I thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart. It is you who make IBIS GREAT
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    nice, when do you think you'll get to the index? this sounds like a 6 month job here.
    I like your idea on articles... but they don't have to be all on whips do they?!

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    No this is for not ibis street syndicate

    What will take the longest is creating the graphics and theme. After that it usually only takes me about 2 hours to code a 10 page site by hand.

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    Ah that's cool, i need a new screen saver for sure lol.

    Btw zero, your avatar is creeping me out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicious View Post
    Ah that's cool, i need a new screen saver for sure lol.

    Btw zero, your avatar is creeping me out.
    Glad I'm not the only

    Almost looks like his avatar is... beatin it... if you catch my drift.

    New site sounds cool, Zero. Also sounds like you've got a lot of work on your desktop but you're more than motivated to challenge yourself into doing it.

    I don't mind the $2 a month, though, although it is a good incentive for people to remain active not only in the servers but in the forums/on the site. Plus I enjoy the IBIS servers, Zombie Mod especially, so the $2 isn't all that hard to part with.

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    So tonight I started playing with some of the new brushes that I added and tried getting a feel for gimp 2.4

    This stuff was just messing around having some fun but you can see some of the effects that I can do now. I am off to bed tonight but now I have a better idea how some of the brushes work.
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    Ok so here is my first attempt at making a new banner.

    What do you all think?

    The second one is without canvas.
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    i like it

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    For those who want a cool IBIS Gaming ZM spray or just want one that is awesome:
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    Anyone want a sig:
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