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Thread: Oblivion STEAM_0:0:12730542

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    This is more of a ban off just your server, no hacks so no point in banning on SteamBans.


    Player name: &[Ibis( . Y . )] Ob£ivion& <--One of many
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:12730542
    sb_status: /

    What hacks: None

    Other info: Blocking, impersonation, trying to get me banned for no reason


    Screenshots include him impersonating me, planning to block me, me showing his STEAMID to admin, and admin kicking him. Later on I saw Oblivion rejoin, and I checked to see if he was the same person, and in the picture here (could only fit five in my post) this shows a console screenshot of it being him:
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    What servers was this on

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    judging by the screen shots, gg. looks like an aim map

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    This was in the IBIS Zombie server, I was just in an aim map because I left and needed to get the chat because it was gone from console.

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