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Thread: what up all?

  1. Default what up all?

    Sup I'm Josh, I go by solar, solarsoul, or -=DA=-Solarsoul.

    My steam account is solarionsoul.
    Hit me up I'm always in ibis gg

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    what up man

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    by the way what is your password tooo......nah welcome..

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    fag (=

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    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ_MikeyRevile View Post
    fag (=
    Don't make me shoot you threw the fence again lol

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    )= that was not cool

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    Hi there
    Quote Originally Posted by Starfish :3 View Post
    well if you'd be having a pool party with the other clan member and admins, and the rest of the community would be invited, people would start leaving soon, because they don't like being called niggers, or whores, or assholes, or even being banned from the pool cuz they swim faster, by people in charge that can't stand it if someone else wins.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Why do we not start with solarsoul's response and then follow it up with a flame war so it fits the trend of the other threads lol.

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    Hey!!! finally decided to join the community. And hope you like here. Anyways hop back in gungame and

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    isnt he an admin or something? nyway sup. welcome dude!

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