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Thread: Words to save a community and life

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    I have been working on how to phrase this post for some time and finally today have completed my thoughts on the matter.

    Over the past few months the amount of disrespect on the servers ahs increased at an alarming rate. The manor in which the disrespect has been given ranges but the end result is the same, animosity.

    One of the things that has made IBIS so great is the incredible community of users who play here. Some of these users even give their time, talents, and money to support our servers and keep everything up and running. Others support us by being dedicated regulars of IBIS Servers and even come onto the forums to give us suggestions on how to make things even better. Unfortunately the attitudes of some have perpetuated within the confides of the IBIS community resulting in ever growing hostility toward each other.

    There are now situations where users are unable to express themselves in the forums without being the target of intense scrutiny. In other cases users are alienated on servers by admins or other regulars. These users get tked, slayed, slapped or verbally abused and are sometimes kicked if they attempt to defend themselves. No community can continue to stand with injustices such as these occurring. But because animosity such as this is such a vicious cycle it only grows stronger and deeper in the community with each evil pass.

    Where did we go wrong? When did we forget that were just trying to play a game? A game is supposed to be something that entertains some one. It should be a source of joy and happiness not a source of despair and anguish. I ask all of you to look into your hearts and ask how you would feel in reversed roles. Do you really think that your attitudes and or actions are justified. What are their motive?

    I will note that there are some people who do get enjoyment out of the suffering of others. I will also note that I believe that everyone loves IBIS. Are your actions for the glory of IBIS or for your own? Individuals can feel empowered when they put someone down, communities on the other hand feel death.

    Be respectful of each other! You do not need to have love in your heart for everyone in the server but you do not need to hold distain in your hearts for them either. Remember we are all human and we all do wrong, do we not all deserve the same forgiveness? Despise and despair stem the fruits of destruction, for hatred causes others anguish and sows the seeds for such hatred to be consciously rekindled. One can only store so much hate in their heart; and once this hate crosses the threshold it will implode violently, like a dying star into a black hole, leaving nothing but infinite emptiness in its place. Only though forgiveness can this burden be lifted. Only though forgiveness can the cycle of evil be broken. Only though exposing your heart can you take anything out of it.

    I pray that you will all heed these words, for they are not only a solution to saving this community but also an important part of life. Lets stop attacking each other and just worry about killing the other team

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    although i have no direct "issues" in this matter, i do have an opinion. i think that dual and deprod and all of us can stop. i also don tthink that colby can just leave. i think, theres a middle ground that can be met. ive been reading the threads and have attemptd to say logical. although my own personal feeling side with dual, i can also ssee our faults.

    there must be a "deal" set to try and heal the wounds.

    i dont like colby, for the fact he abused for so long and blatantly. he had his admin removed, so there is that problem gone. currently, he acts a littl cocky on the IBIS forums by posting multiple threads for 1 issue. although legit in this action, its annoying. he might aswell post in this section and every other one also.

    solution: colby post one thread for every incodent, and act more humble here. ibis admins treat him fairly as he currently hasnt commited a crime he hasnt paid for already.

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    For reference I am not referring to any one single matter or situation. There are also many other instances that have occurred with users who are not on these forums who are affected by this.

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    This goes hand in hand with my thread in the CS Discussion section, and I agree completely. We have all settled our debts and had our bad days. It's time to move on and enjoy the game.

    Great thread Zero.

    IBIS members and staff, keep the good work up!

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    See.....isn t it the BEST FREAKING SERVER with the BEST FREAKING PEOPLE!!!!

    Yeah it is.....


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    As a whole I feel that the environment has changed a bit across the board on the server. Is it so bad that I no longer enjoy playing on Ibis? Hell no! Will it ever get that way? Most likely not.

    The main thing I've noticed in recent weeks is the increased amount of racial animosity. For the past couple of weeks I've witnessed racial slurs and and insults being thrown around like crazy, what's most disturbing about it is some of these people are regs and 1 was even an admin (which I will not name). I bet as proof of how bad its gotten I could log on during primetime hours, type in nothing more than "I'm black" and within minutes hear the N word no less than 2-3 times by several different people at the same time.

    As a minority playing this game you get used to being on the receiving end of the N word from time to time, and most of the time when I witness it I bite my tongue and hold back to keep the situation from escalating. I shouldnt have to consider where I play at because I was born black. I shouldnt be accused of selling drugs, robbing convenient stores, or bullying schoolkids because I'm black. I shouldnt be treated like anything less than what I am, A HUMAN BEING for being born black. And most of all, I shouldnt be called the N word cuz I hs'd you across the map with a deag and you couldn't handle it. My goal isn't to snitch on these people for their beliefs, they're more than entitled to it.

    My my purpose for posting this is in hopes that some of our regs will see this and realize that your comments whether serious or not do affect other people on the server and to hopefully see a change in some poeple's behavior. I've never before been bother so much by it that I've considered reporting it on the forums, but as each day passes I feel more and more like I'm getting to that point, and if that were to happen it would just hurt the server more because half the regs would be gone.

    Edit: Btw, as D-Monic can clarify I'm not a sensitive guy when it comes to racists, I've lived in the South for almost all my life. My group of friends go back and forth with racial jokes just bullshitting and to show there's no power in a word. But I can really FEEL the animosity with most who say it online. Maybe its because they think they have a sense of anonymity online? I'm not sure but considering I've never been called a N to my face by a racist my whole life it really baffles me how widespread its used online...
    Last edited by D1lD0; 07-31-2008 at 01:39 AM. Reason: Had more to add for clarification

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    i knew i liked this server and the people in it but now i know why...damn that was way too deep to spend on a game forum(i will be renewing my admin now btw). Shit man....way to be zero.

    timmy aka space_groceries soon to be space_groceries <ibis.a> once again

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    i just got one thing to say D1|D0 IS sensitive lol

    j/k u know u my nigga <---not being a dick
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    oh btw adrian did you hear that josh is moving up to blue ridge on the 20th?

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