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Thread: Simply ridiculous.

  1. Default Simply ridiculous.

    I was playing in the server earlier today.
    We were all caded up in the top room in lila_panic or whatever.
    And I got tagged shooting zombies off the cade.
    Well, I then proceeded to OF COURSE tag everyone else that was in the room.
    Because thats what I'm soppost to do and should be ALLOWED to do.
    After I got everyone.
    They bitched.
    Said that I should have ztele'd away from the humans.
    That is fuckin ridulous.
    So then Nato<ibis> asked who got tagged.
    Then kicked me from the server for being a zombie.
    Tell me if that sounds fair.
    And I KNOW if he wasn't in that room then I probably wouldn't have been kicked.
    No matter what, I do not have to ztele away if I get tagged.
    Cry me a river.
    Stop kicking people just because you became zombie.
    It's Zmod, if you dont like being a zombie then dont fuckin play.

    My in game name is : [Marines Corps] Wex
    Admin abuser : Nato

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    Wex, all the admins froze you wanred you slapped you, you refused to listen, and i kicked you for calling me a douche bag, read the rules. Respect admins. and i am sure they will all vouge on the actions taken agaisnt you, seeing as how i was not the only one.

    Also, standing on the cade where you can get tagged while everyone is yelling at you to get down, maybe you should stay away from it like you were told, you got everyone killed because you couldn't stay away from the front of the cade. And cussing me out doesn't help you any
    Last edited by Nato; 07-28-2008 at 12:55 PM.

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    i was on the the server at the time and what Nato said is all ture.

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    lol frank you might want to elaborate a little more, that just looks like your sticking up for a fellow admin

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    ok, well just before this happened i warned another person that if you disrespected an admin you could be kicked from the game. i put the warning out there when wex was on, and if he missed it to damn bad. and i would of done the same thing neway, as would luky and the other admins on.

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    FIY, if a player is noob and gets close to the opening and gets killed that is the problem of the players in that room. There is no rule against it, if you know their is a noob in your mist maybe you should be standing in a semi circle around him...

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    thats what i do to zero.

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    Nobody was telling me to get down.
    It just happened.
    And I definately was not cursing you out.
    I was talking to the guy that told me to ztele, he was bitching to you about how I didn't.
    I got tagged.
    k, I know.
    But shouldn't have been kicked.
    I did NOT disrespect any admins.
    Lukey was in there, so was Para.

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    yeah... i see alot of admins freeze people for being noobs... when personally i dont think they should because if they get tagged then they get tagged and like zero said you should make sure to target them just in case. If i was in the cade i probably say I'm gonna kick you but wouldn't actually do it. A lot of people that play zombies just really don't like turning into zombies themselves and ill kick them for being a zombie and not trying. Of course after i warn them. anyways that my feelings on this situation.

    And i would like to say the admins that freeze noobs do warn them before doing so but they just dont listen sometimes.

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    Wex before i kicked you, all you did was sware at me, and i have people to back me up on that. and like i said, that is why you were kicked.

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