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Thread: SB 2.1 Update Thread

  1. Lightbulb SB 2.1 Update Thread

    So now that I am back in town it is time to get ready for my computer upgrade so that I can continue to maintain the server and pwn you noobs

    So far it includes a few required upgrades/replacements such as:

    • replace fried 280 with 480
    • replace 2 dead 120mm fans
    • add additional 120mm fan
    • add fan exhaust sound dampeners
    • construct custom 24 pin tower link connector
      • enables tower merger to be sped up making moving the computer faster and easier!
    • fan grills and other such things that were intended in version1 but never implemented
    • more HDD space
      • the means to address this issue are still being looked at
    • possibly a new mouse so I can pwn you all easier

    I am looking at a $1000-$2000 upgrade this is both great for performance and terrible for my wallet

    My largest problem is HDD space currently I have maxed a 1tb drive, a 2tb drive, a 300gb raid 0 and almost a 60gb os drive...

    I wanted to just buy a 3tb drive to hold me out until the 4tb internals come out next summer but I can not find one anywhere. Currently I will max out all of my HDDs by the end of the week so I got to do something fast even if it is just to order another 2tb

    The biggest problem is that for some data it can not be spread across multiple drives for filing reasons and the folder is going to max a 2tb drive soon worst of all I am playing Russian Roulette with this much data and not having any raid backups. It may be worth taking the bullet and spending the money on a 6TB raid 5 array and then migrating to 4tb drives in 2 years. I am really stumped on this

    Please post comments/suggestions below. I will also use this thread as sort of a work long to not only keep my plans in order but also to allow comments. Sometimes it helps to have some extra eyes on a big project like this.

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    Idea, I could actually just buy another 2tb and then redirect the data to the folder of the original drive so that digitally it looks like it is all together without the risk of raid 0 or without reformatting anything!

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    That sounds like a pretty bad situation ZERO, I'm no techie when it comes to computers and what not but good luck on the rest of this predicament.

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    not bad, for a mouse id suggest Razer or a high end Logitech.

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    Mouse suggestion:

    Honestly though...
    I fucking love music
    Rip Paul Gray

    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnacky View Post
    not bad, for a mouse id suggest Razer or a high end Logitech.
    I have a g5 now but never liked the way it felt in my hand, also the scroll wheal does not work correctly sometimes.

    As for razer I actually do like that shape but I need side scroll b/c I work with spreadsheets and other stuff that requires the extra abilities too much.

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    I have a razer naga, and it is the best feeling mouse i have ever used, even though it is made more for MMO's, the 12 side buttons come in handy because you can intertwine them with the num keys.

    If you were a beautiful sound in the echos all around, I'd be your harmony.

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    It's a fucking mouse, guys.

    Just get one that works well and lasts.

    Mine was south of 20 bucks and has lasted for the past 3 years without error. Great mouse.

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    Zero isnt this the second or third time you've tried or reportedly tried to build your ultimate machine?

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    No it was built and then sabotaged a month later. Then 6 months later it was repaired and upgraded with a better motherboard. Then 6 months after that I upgraded to windows 7 and added an ssd and a 2tb drive. Also 6 months ago my gpu fried but I have managed to use it with a trade off of crashes every few hours for 6 months to buy time for the 480s to come out.

    Of forgot to say that this update also switched to 64 bit and adds another 3gb of ram.

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