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Thread: Bout damn time

  1. Default Bout damn time

    Wuddup folks. Figured it was about time I made a forum account...sooo....yeah...

    Btw yes that is me in the pic. That's how I roll nukkah...

    Cuz I'm an e-thug, tell your mom...the pose is lethal

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    Welcome to the IBIS foums, enjoy your stay.

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    thats not him in the pic this guy is really white. i know him. stop fronting adrian

    o and welcome to the forums

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    thats really adrian
    Attached Images

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  6. Default That's so fucked up

    Damn Ryan that's cold man...Its not like I go around posting your RL pics for the world to see.

    I dont want anyone masterbating to my rl pics you bastard.

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    lmao ok ill stop posting your rl pics

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    That guy looks like an inmate in the mental health unit. LoL

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    Welcome on the forums...see you in-game!!!


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