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Thread: Admin Abuse (Required Reading)

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    Admins are never to use admin powers on other admins! (I cant state this enough)
    If you see an admin abusing please make a demo.
    Open a thread in the appropriate section (proper format please) or forward Demo and info to Zero, Jigsaw, or any member of IBIS Clan for Review.

    If you do not follow proper procedure your Action/Ban will not hold any merit. The admin in question will be unbanned.
    Also please understand that IBIS will review the demo/facts as quickly as possible but in no way guarantees that the response/punishment will be immediate.

    Also please let it be known that it is not the common practice of IBIS Clan to use admin powers on any admin but it is our right to do so if found necessary.

    As members of IBIS clan we assume all responsibilities for issuing any admin command on a fellow admin...
    and such action will be reviewed by Zero, Jigsaw, and the other members of IBIS Clan.

    Zero and Jigsaw assume no responsibility for any action taken by a member of IBIS clan when it comes to the use of admin powers....
    and if our actions our found to be abusive. We will be held to the same standards as any other admin found abusing admin powers.

    This should all be resolved when the new admin system is put into place but in the mean time I thought this would clear up some confusion.

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    This post has been needed for a long time.

    Thanks Zero for Stickying this up for all the new Admins...
    Hopefully this will save us a lot of time in the future.

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