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Thread: Child/TK'er in Pub1

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    STEAM_0:1:16037295 Slayur DgodS[[i9;9k]Lo6V][YcO:9e^be=M]@Db41RhP><9Y3O`:=D1j=bRflG@

    Server: Pub1
    Map: DE_Vegas

    2v1, myself and Slayur on T. Slayur was sitting with the bomb in T spawn, I went up to get it (it was on the ground when I looked at radar). As I came up the stairs to him he picked up the bomb and told me to camp here. I told him lets go and shot at him once with my M4 as a warning shot. Yeah I know I shouldn't team attack or whatever but he was bomb camping with stacked teams he deserved it

    Well, turns out he had like 1hp or something so my warning shot ended up killing him, so he used the slay option and I'm fine with that...

    Anyways, for the next oh..10 rounds or so he kept TK'ing me, or teamattacking me until I have 4hp left and letting the enemy kill me to avoid the slay.

    Here's the demo before he left, there were about 5 rounds before this where he TK'd me but I didn't think to demo it. Also a screenshot, his score was probably about 4:5 at one point.

    Status and sb_status within the demo
    Attached Images
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