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    Natural Selection is an amazing fps where you play as humans or aliens. The game is both an fps and a rts where a commander helps regulate team resources and develop technology. The game play is fast but games last long, relative to cs:s. Unlike cs:s where accuracy is king NS cares more about reaction time and tracking. You got to aim on target right away and keep on it if your a marine. If your an alien you will be quickly flying around and setting up traps or slowly moving in to take them out from behind. You basically fight for map control and try to take out the other base.

    NS is a free mod for HL however NS2 is a stand along game developed 100% by unknown worlds, engine and all! Unknown Worlds is a small private developer who made the original mod. They have released tons of updates over the years and really kept there FREE mod supported. Many of us have even donated to them over the years to help support this great developer.

    Now the alpha is going to release in a few days and you can preorder the game. Note that you can also get the special edition for a LIMITED TIME. Once the alpha comes out the special edition will go away. In addition the price of the game will go up! So if your going to buy NS2 NOW IS THE TIME.

    IBIS Gaming plans to hopefully in the long run have 3 30 slot NS2 servers. 1 will be the regular ns2, the other will run a combat mod and the last will be a NS1 classic mod (if it is made).

    So check it out:

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    Here are some quotes from the original that launched back in 2002:

    Natural Selection is possibly the most ambitious user-made modification ever brought to fruition. This multiplayer-only mod somehow manages to transform the aging Half-Life into a seemingly brand-new, atmospheric, and surprisingly deep action-strategy game, pitting hive-minded aliens against resourceful space marines.
    Natural Selection's innovations are too numerous to list, but the marine's "commander" mode deserves special mention. Playing as the marine commander, you can order and re-supply other marines in an RTS-style, top-down perspective. This unusual concept not only works, but works well. Then again, it's hard to fault any aspect of Natural Selection: sounds, environments, gameplay, the interface ... it's all very professionally done and polished to a shine.
    Also btw if you check my steam profile:
    you can see that I have played NS (record as HL) more than any other game, it is that good.

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    I played the original of this and it was a ton of fun.

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    is it going to be on steam, or do they send you a hard copy? cause i'd want download instead of mailed-disk

    edit: never mind.
    just read the buy-page. my bad
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    If you haven't tried out the original yet, do it.

    If you don't own HL, you're terrible.

    I can't wait for this game.

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    Wow they made a second of natural selection? havent played that sice gees long time ago back when i had half life was combineded with Serra not steam :3 must be a pretty good game there continueing.

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