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Thread: g0rdan Freeman {IBIS}?

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    i had a thread bout this guy joining the server with an ibis tag on..i ask for all of the clan members list and his name wasnt on there..he joined the server again again tonight around 8-9:00 pm pacific time..left before i could hit ban..!


    screens shots and demo's will be provided..pls review this guy could be joining the server and fucking up IBIS name..CLOSE if i am wrong..thnks
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    do any of the playing clan members not have admin? could just do an ma_admin to be sure, then ban him.
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    sight ban this one.

    he first played here as "unnamed" on april 24th.

    def. not clan.

    for the record, you can check any suspicious person like this through ibis's psychostats sites. they're on the's main page. search the steamid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
    do any of the playing clan members not have admin? could just do an ma_admin to be sure, then ban him.
    not all clan members has admin for what i know..i typed ma_admins in console and his name didnt showed up...i took his steam id and search it and he's not even affiliated with ibis..can we pls ban this guy?

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    Perma banned

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    Perma banned
    thnk you..pls close

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