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Thread: [L2R]Elmoo 17/07/10 21:00 GMT

  1. Default [L2R]Elmoo 17/07/10 21:00 GMT

    Name in Game: [L2R]Elmoo
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:19288287
    Who banned you: I do not know
    When: 17/07/10 21:00 GMT
    Where: Zombie server
    Why banned: All i heard was that if i try to break into a room id be banned

    Other/Reason to unban: This was the first time (Literally seconds to minutes) i had joined onto your server (And i was loving it !! ), i was blocked into a cupboard and got zombiefied and told not to shoot the box out from under me, so i diddnt. Then when i got zombified someone came close to me, i knifed him and he knifed the admin. I was then told i was going to be banned for breaking into the room, and banned. Diddnt have a chance to see who banned me :/

    Thank you for hearing me out.
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    there has to be more to this.
    breaking INTO the room? that's what the zombies are supposed to do ffs.
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    It was the map with the well, dont know what it was called.. and i went down the well up some stairs and there were some slidy doors with the admin in it (diddnt know that was the admin), anyway they shot the cupboard infront of the door to block it and i got stuck in it. He told me not to shoot it back at them, i diddnt. From there i was stuck got zombified and just knifed the guy who came close to me and got banned. Thats literally all that happened. Thats as specific as i can get from my point of view :/
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    it might have only been a day ban. so try to rejoin

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    Yeah it was a 1 day ban, thanks guys

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    and that children, is why we bind !ztele

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