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Thread: I came back just to bring you an enthralling flash game!

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    Default I came back just to bring you an enthralling flash game!

    It's even better than Farmville! Imagine that!

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    wtf!?!!? this is like the most basic version of GTA4... rob people, kill chinese, steal this steal that, hide from people etc...

    I got to level 10 before i couldnt stop fucking laughing at myself at how pointless this game is.... fuck im retarded :P


    "If BBW's were candy I would have one every day hahahaahha"
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    Has anyone actually gone to the end of that ridiculous fiasco? Probably is no end just a constant loop prog
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    Yea making fun of zynga

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    im fucking addicted to mafia wars, i'm like wow i must play alot, but then there are people who seriously dedicate their life to that shit. hope it doesnt get that bad :P

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