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    alright, i just noticed that my 5th win the other day didnt get counted. I had 4 wins before that day and now its still 4?

    possible reason. when i won that day I immediately left the server before it even get a chance to load the next map. does it not save it by the time you get the kill? I had to leave fast coz someone sent me a message that there was a mic spammer on ZM server.

    If this was the case then i suggest to wait for the next map to load before disconnecting to the server. otherwise it aint gnna get counted.!

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    No it should still count as the log file is still read. The only way it could have not counted is that the server crashed or froze before the map change. Regardless this is a very rare error that should not occur.

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    server did not crashed nor frozen, i remember people still talking on the mic while the sound was playing..thats when i left the server..thnks zero

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    yea my ingame win count says 150 but my statspage win count says 151 lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by hallwagner View Post
    yea my ingame win count says 150 but my statspage win count says 151 lol
    you could have one a game then not played for 30 days, the ingame resets but the stats page doesn't. my ingame wind are 50something, but for real its closer to 500.
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