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    This guy came into the server and started calling people names. After I told him to stop doing that, he insults me. So I put him on mute. Eveyr round he changed his anme to something else, Admins a Badass, Cocks, you balls and others.

    Well I kicked him and he came abck and continued talking shit so I banned him for 5 minutes.

    Anyway if you look at his stats and look at the names he used I think he doesnt deserve to play on this server anymore with all those racial names.

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    agreed. can him please.
    I saw him with penisnigger, gave him change it or ban. he swore, tk'd me and lft before I could perm.

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    Yeah this guy sholud not be welcome back in the ibis server.

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    Well I only banned for 5 minutes as a warning. Now Zero can we please Perma Ban him?

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