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Thread: unmute?

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    Name in Game: el pollo loco
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:12328247
    Who banned you: dunno
    When: 7/16/2010 i think?
    Where: pub server
    Why banned: Probably because i was being an idiot with HLSS

    Any chance at getting un-muted on the pub server? I went a little overboard the other day when I discovered HLSS. Not sure who muted me but I swear I'll chill. I already uninstalled it.

    It's been a couple days. The weird thing is... I've been muted a long time ago on another server before and when i try to type it usually says I'm muted, but it doesn't say anything at all. I just use y/u to type and when I hit enter my text just disappears like I never typed it.

    It's only on this server also.

    -el poLO LoCo
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    sorry.. didnt realize about the title until i posted.. can't seem to change the title or delete

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