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Thread: Clarification on zm_scrapyard

  1. Default Clarification on zm_scrapyard

    today i was playing scrapyard and was in the tubes. i was later burned and slapped for it cos the admin said i wasnt allowed in it. is there a new rule on the tubes?

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    I don't believe there are any rules against going to tubes on that map. If I remember correctly the tubes can only fit 1 person in at a time and are fairly easy to get in because they're in a vertical position.

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    im talking about the horizontal tubes. they said im glitching etc etc. however, several ppl on teh server know how to get in (its a timed jump+crouch) and ppl in them ahve been tagged by zombies. its just that normally theres ppl taht dont know hwo to get in getting in the way of zombies that do. so my argument is that its teh same as any other difficult spot, once you know how, you can get them.

    another argument presented by the admin was that the map creator did not intend for taht spot to be used, to which i say that the map where therse a cliff tahts hard to crouch into off the rail has the exact same situation (ppl say its not intended by the map creator). and i know for a fact that that spot is legal as several admins regularly use that spot.

    getting humans in the tube i used merely requires skill and knowledge, not glitching. i do not use 'e' nor is there an invisble wall that appears after i go in.

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    I would half to take a look at it myself but, it is really only considered glitching if there is only a 1% chance that a zombie could ever get to you

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    yea i always use that tube, its not glitching at all, there are tons of hard to get places i go to, ppl only acuse you of glitching because their frustrated that they cant get to you, if a ct can get to it a zombie can get to it its as simple as that

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    yep. the tube is difficult to get into, but by no means impossible. Not like the crusher.

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    well than if that is true i would like an official statement about it, cos i dont wanna get slapped/burned again for doing something that is allowed than accused of cheating by admins

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    which admin was it

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    Yeah i'm curious myself to know which admin did this... it sounds pretty retarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by komrade nagger View Post
    which admin was it
    Quote Originally Posted by MafiaMatic View Post
    Yeah i'm curious myself to know which admin did this... it sounds pretty retarded.
    yes we want to know

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