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Thread: American McGee's: Alice has an Alice 2?

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    Default American McGee's: Alice has an Alice 2?

    Anyone remember that game? Well...

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    Fuck ya, that was a kickass game. I remember playing it when it first came out. I got really excited when I saw the new trailer a couple months ago. Can't wait. It was a pretty trippy and fucked up game.

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    Teaser be teasing - anime | manga | reviews

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    I have been wanting to play the first one for a while, I really want them to put the first one on steam to hype this game

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    Oh my god yes this like makes my month, depressing that it's for 2011 though...
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    What the fuck kind of game is that? LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by XxMastagunzxX View Post
    What the fuck kind of game is that? LOL
    its not CSS thats for sure LOL - anime | manga | reviews

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    Awesome game... (my opinion)... can't wait to see the sequel... I am still waiting for the Thief team to get back together for the fourth and final Thief 4...
    The Thief franchise began life in 1998 with the highly rated Thief: The Dark Project, developed by Looking Glass Studios. The now-defunct shop released Thief II: The Metal Age two years later, followed by 2004's Thief: Deadly Shadows from Austin, Texas-based Ion Storm, which was shut down by owner Eidos in 2005. Series protagonist Garrett was rated one of the best game heroes ever in GameSpot's Greatest Games of All Time feature. And this writer contends that the map making abilities and tools are amoung the best graphic quality of it's time and genre... Overall it gets

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    Hmmm.......this looks pretty awesome, especially the part where the teaser was teasing.

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