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Thread: [fixed] Sever is running an older version?...

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    Default [fixed] Sever is running an older version?...

    Whenever i try to connect to gungame it says im trying to connect to an older version...can anyone confirm or deny?

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    thanks valve you cock sucking faggot. now every server needs to be updated before we can play again.

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    GG ty

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    wait, again? wtf!??! they did this 2 days ago!

    this is bullshit
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    well... i guess they might've done one thing right about warning me on my driver's.... BUT THAT DOESN'T CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT THIS UPDATE *pout* - anime | manga | reviews

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    I will be updating the servers now, luckily I have not left yet (was just about to)

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    omg i love you zero!!!!!

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    Actually... ibis Gaming is not the only only affected... many servers go same problem... becuase after trying all of our servers... I tried random ones as well... some loaded... some didn't... is there an upgrade that personal users need...? perhaps an update for steam or the games themselves...? I don't know... but one thing I do know... This is cutting into valuable time... I am two days and about 15 hours before I lose the ability to play... FnCKING CANCER!!! so when will they be, uhmm, updated...?

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    they are updated.

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    this is how I found zero... valve just pushed him to far

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