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Thread: fourm idea

  1. Default fourm idea

    a fuck you forum

    a no holds bar no rules area where one can go to vent and yell and screen...

    had 1 on my clans forums

    was a great area

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    oh wait, i thought this was the new forum

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    uh... not too sure on everyone elses opinion... but im not too sure that it would be a good idea. no offence at all... doesnt seem reasonable?

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    Yeah that would jus create a ticking time bomb. Someone would eventually cross the line eventually and leave people wondering "was he serious about that or just bs'in?"

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    yea i agree with whyt and dildo

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    yea i guess it depends on the commmunity, worms old community was based mostly of people form nyc and we were all ball busters and it was in good faithlol

    i guess we can just stick with a good old flame post

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