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Thread: ZM Zombie Vies

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    Whats up with the new zombie views? It's sort of annoying. Deffinatly makes a disadvantage to the zombies lol.

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    The full zombie view should now take effect, it will now be more like being a zombie. A bit strange at first but something I think players will get used to and end up enjoying in the long run

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    im using a widescreen monitor (maybe that has something to do with it), but the new zombie vision makes me all crosseyed, so when i look at regular things (aka normal view on computers, just looking at things in my room, outside etc) my eyes get all wonky and need to readjust to 'normal' view. so is there a way i can manually disable this new vision on my side using console commands?

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    I though I spelled the topic right... apparently my vision is messed up.

    It hurt my eyes a little and made my stomach upset, (no clue why) but i got use to it after a while.

    IDK if its my widescreen or what but as a fast I can see threw walls a bit on the end of my screen if I look outwards from the wall.

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    Yea, I turned it off b/c it is clear that it can not work with widescreen without making people sick

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    thx zero

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    Thanks. =)

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    ZERO I thought you disabled the zombie vision? why does it still show up for me?

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    The things on the edge of the screen shows up, the post effects dont anymore.

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    you can type zombie_vision in console if u wanna get rid of it (that is unless tahts against the rules, i think an admin told me how though so I'm not sure)

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