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    I was banned today by one of the admins. I'm not very sure about his name, but it is something like DJ Mikey. I was not spamming mic or disrespecting him at all when he just told me to shut the fuck up. I didn't like that so I started arguing with him, but didn't say anything like fuck you or shut the fuck up. All he said was, "Yah mad bro? yah mad bro?" all because of his own frustrations with "noobs" in the server.

    I am asking to be at least unbanned because IBIS is the best zombie server mod. This would be greatly appreciated and I will especially thank the removal of his admin powers.

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    His full name is DJ_Mikey Revile

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    for best results post here and follow format under the second sticky
    just gets things done faster :P

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    thank you very much.

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    you fucking dumbass. you deserved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tekniq View Post
    I didn't like that so I started arguing with him

    Don't argue with admins like him.
    Don't even argue with them at all.
    Xenn<3: if your getting old then I am old
    Rob | Ibis.a: Older women are yum though.
    Rob | Ibis.a: so its cool.
    Xenn<3: oh dear jesus lol
    (ADMIN) aNex <ibis>: You are the super senior admin first class with three ranks above other admins.
    Quote Originally Posted by acolyte_to_jippity View Post
    o.O dude, you're fucking dead. i don't think posting photoshopped pics of zero's mother sleeping with the pope would even come CLOSE to taking on rob.

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    and C You deserved it in my opinion.

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    wrong section, post your claim here...

    and follow the proper format plz.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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