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Thread: LLLAAAAGGGGG oon the pub

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    It's incredibly bad tonight. I've never seen it so bad. I'll post a demo later when im done for the night.

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    Zero was in the pub earlier with me and we tried everything. It was fine with only 4 people playing but as soon as it got to 4v4 the lag started to hit. He also found an error and I bleieve he turned off Betting sinc ehe said that it was forcing a bot to bet

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    yea it was bad when i was in earlier

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    The debugging says that eventscripts is acting up. I am going to update the server and the mods and that should fix it.

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    Well Zero if that doesnt work Lets burn this motha fucka down. 0_0 whos coming with me.

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    um .....i'll come but with a fire extinguisher ofcourse

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    im getting lag exactly like it on some east coast servers.

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    yeah it been pretty bad all day.

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    It was still laggy the other day.

    I was also lagging seriously on the ZM server this morning.

    Depro, that pic is sick!!!

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