Roen, was just recently banned from The Pub Server at "28 july : around 7-8pm"
by spasm for Scripting Bhop's

now 29 July:
there was only like 4 people in the server for this incident, and me not being "reg" in the pub is only a justification as to why i believe his ban was legitimate.

he does not recognize me as an authority figure.

I witnessed him on several accounts increase speed from a simple run to a bhop UP an inclined surface, on a remake map of Cabble.
Im decent at Bhoping with a mouse wheel and i knew he was scripting but did not ban him for the sole purpose that i ask that he be perma banned for disregarding a previous bans intentions in teaching him a lesson on our servers rules.

He was Argumentative with me and attempted to defend a case against my accusations, which shortly after he seemed to be horrible at bhoping.

im simply asking, as well as hoping, that other people who are admins as well, respect my better judgment when it comes to keeping our servers clean and that he be permanently removed from ibis servers for his unfair advantage in the pub.