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Thread: Remove gg_indevelopment

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    Why: its a very small map that no one likes to play in the same vein as indy jones, as soon as I get on it everyone rtving to get off of it and the only reason why we get on it is because of the name, if it wasnt for that it would never get played and with good reason.

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    this map's legit!!

    great map!! only problem is that it's a bit ct-sided because t's have trouble picking the ct's on the ramp out against the black background. maybe christmas could fix the sky for the "texture" side to be a blue texture tile?
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    I am trying to get these shitty maps removed so we can play better ones by having the lesser known ones with average sounding names show up more in the map votes by removing the crap ones with cool names like this one.

    that clutter up the rotation and that everyone ONLY selects because of there name.

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    Maybe, I will play this one first.

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