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Thread: racism / intolerance / etc

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    hey all, just wondering why there are no rules against racism, im not saying a few slurs slipping every now and then or A good joke or TWO is "the devil", but what i experienced in the gg server today was fucking bullshit. from what ive been told theres no rules against it. honestly i dont mind comments flying every now and then but today there was a whole 10 minute segment of gameplay that even in our "uncivilized" server, wouldnt take place. there were some retarded no-names that i dont recognize, prob not regs, starting to say the N word repeatedly, just to be a fucking moron. just to piss SOMEBODY off. im not pissed off at the person, its more the ADMINS of the server, at least one that i NOTICED over voice chat dropping n-word jokes left and right. i dont know but ummmm, arent admins supposed to be somewhat MATURE? there IS a level of comfort for people to play in, and when the people entrusted to keep watch and order over a server are making it UNCOMFORTABLE to play in, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FUN OF THE GAME. participating in RUINING THE GAME for people should be a bannable offense. i dont care what comes of this but just out of decency, there should be a LIMIT as to how far shit can go in a server, not just rampid racism and shit-fuckness... im pretty regular on the gg and sometimes zm server, but i dont think im going to be playing on ibis servers anymore or at least for a while... lack of coherent and REAL admins is my reason. i wonder who will fuck everybody up in your server now that IM gone <3

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    well depends on if there were actual admins on or if they were impersonators.

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    i have been told by other admin that you can say what ever you want as long as its not directed at any one. but for the most part we haven't had probs with it. so must of been a weird thing.

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    if i wasnt there, then i can only assumed the problem wasnt dealt with accordingly

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    Racism is not agaisnt the rules as long as it is not directed at anyone. I was there, and in this case, people were joking around. No one was being serious. No one was directing it at any one.

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    I don't tolerate racism. Ofcourse, sometimes when Wagner comes in he somewhat encourages (sometimes, im not hating on him) others to get along with his somewhat racist jokes. then drop some n-words here and there. I tolerate that. but as soon as it starts getting bad im gonna start dropping my hammer if they continue.

    And boy do they hate my hammer.
    I've read several shit about racism, and basically what i got from it is, that every admin handles racism differently.
    I don't see wagner going against racism as fast as i would.

    (i'm using Wagner here as an example since i know he is racist sometimes. once again, im not hating on him, he already knows i hate him. (: dontchuu wagner.)
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    Ibis doesn't tolerate racism. (Ask Deprodigy)

    Nice. I like how "nigger" isn't against the rules.
    I'll take the Deprodigy approach to this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob View Post
    every admin handles racism differently.
    no. there's only 1 way 2 handle racism and that's zero's way as he stated.

    racist jokes are 100% allowed in our servers. the only time you can be in trouble for saying racist things is if they're directed at someone.

    you can say any racist shit you want, provided you're not directing it at someone...

    if you ban someone for racist jokes, or dropping the N bomb here and there, well then you're going against zero's specific statement he made on the subject, and are abusing your powers.

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    I was there when this all happened and it started off with someone saying the "n" word (not directed at anyone) and I just told him not to say it because I didn't want it to escalate even though I knew it wasn't against the rules and then everyone including another admin started making racist jokes. The whole thing was kind of uncomfortable really but there wasn't anything I could do about it lol
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