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    I registered on these forums because I'm cal-o.

    that is all.

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    why would you being in cal be a reason to register on the forums? (just curious)

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    get good scrub

    welcome to the forums

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    You guys don't know that "What are you cal-o?" sound clip?

    Well that's what I was quoting.

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    Are u cal-o?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deaf View Post
    Are u cal-o?
    No sir. Was on a cal team (shitty one, but a cal team nonetheless) a year ago. Then college forced me to quit cs for a while and then I gave up and decided to just play zombie mod and surf.

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    are u cal-o?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deaf View Post
    are u cal-o?
    Are you cal-o?

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    no im awesome

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    sorry must have missed the "s

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