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Thread: Freezes after recent map updates...

  1. Exclamation Freezes after recent map updates...

    After the recent gg map update the server is freezing a ton and I need to know if it is new maps that are doing this or old ones you did not play as much that are now crashing the server.

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    No Idea I figured it was something to do with the gore mod, you did say you were going to attempt to tweak it with the next update.

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    Yes but I have not messed with it, the only thing changed was the maps.

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    from what i've seen, the crashes are completely random. its happened on multiple maps, not every time on a certain map, but random times on what seems to be any map. idk whats wrong but its getting very frustrating :/ FUCKING VALVE

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    well brent did get admin so we are playing some old maps so probably older maps.

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    It seems to be a malfunction of the automated server restart that happens at about 6 am every morning, both times its shut down on me its acted just like it.

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    There are some maps that always crash like minesweeper but that wasnt one of the recent map updates

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