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    This thread will be used to track progress on race development for the new version. It will be based off the old races 2.0.0 thread. The only thing that will ever change in this thread is the color of text on races below. These colors will indicate what the current status of a given item is.

    ---HOW TO READ---
    White - No progress
    RED - Changes possible (this item is waiting to be configured)
    Orange - In Progress (The item in this color is currently in development)
    Yellow - In TESTING (Item is awaiting full public approval before being declared finished)
    Light Green - TEMP Finished (Item is basically done but needs a final adjustment such as settings before FINISHED).
    Green - FINISHED (This part is finished and ready for release, when all are this color the actual powers and settings will be done (also indicates race is at intended release version))
    BLUE - Requires Code Restore (I lost the code for these races and they need to be reprogrammed either from scratch or from the last few months. The current versions of these races do work though and are mostly error free.

    Races that have all abilities finished will be listed as Light Green until the settings and all sub parts match old.

    Races that still need abilities publicly tested and confirmed working will be labeled yellow.

    The color of an ability indicates the status of that ability. The color of its description indicates the status of the configuration of the ability.


    Undead Scourge
    Required Level: 0
    Levels per ability: 8
    Vampiric Aura: Gives you a 60% chance to gain 12-30% of the damage you do in attack, back as health
    Unholy Aura: Gives you a speed boost, 8-36% faster
    Levitation: Allows you to jump higher by reducing your gravity for 8-64%
    Suicide Bomber: On death, you explode and make 70-160 damage on each player in 12-18 feet range
    Human Alliance
    Required Level: 0
    Levels per ability: 8
    Invisibility: Makes you partially invisible, 62-37%
    Devotion Aura: Gives you additional 15-50 health each round
    Bash: Have a 15-32% chance to render an enemy immobile for 1 second
    Teleport: Allows you to teleport to where you aim, range is 60-108 feet
    Orcish Horde
    Required Level: 0
    Levels per ability: 8
    Critical Strike:Gives you a 15% chance of doing 40-240% more damage
    Critical Grenade:Grenades will always do a 40-240% more damage
    Reincarnation:Gives you a 15-80% chance of respawning once, with old equipment and where you died
    Chain Lightning: Discharges a bolt of lightning that jumps on up to 4 nearby enemies 40-75 feet range, dealing each 32 damage
    Night Elves
    Required Level: 0
    Levels per ability: 8
    Evasion: Gives you 5-30% chance of evading a shot
    Thorns Aura: Does 10-33% mirror damage to the person who shot you, chance to activate 15-50%
    Trueshot Aura: Does 10-60% extra damage to the enemy, chance is 30%
    Entangling Roots: Every enemy in 25-60 feet range will not be able to move for 3-10 seconds
    Blood Mage
    Required Level: 40
    Levels per ability: 6
    Pheonix: You have 15-90% chance of reviving the fist teammate who dies
    Banish: Get 30% chance to confuse the enemy for 1-3 seconds
    Siphon Mana: Steal .25-2% of enemy total cash each hit
    Flame Strike: burn an enemy player within 20-70ft 5-30 times

    Archmage Proudmoore
    Required Level: 50
    Levels per ability: 6
    Earthquake: Shake your enemy on attack, 25% to activate for 3-6 seconds
    Broom of Velocity : You can run and fly (with lift-off) faster, 5-30% more speed
    Weapon of the Sorcerer : On spawn, you may get for 30-50% a Desert Eagle/M4A1
    Lift off : You can fly and gain 5-10 additional health while flying

    Shadow Hunter
    Required Level: 60
    Levels per ability: 5
    Healing Wave: Heals teammates in 15-25ft range, 7-15HP every 3-15sec
    Hex : Chance to Evade a skill 10-50% (OLD Destroy boots of speed and slowdown enemy for 2-6sec by 25-45%, 30% chance)
    Serpent Ward: 3 serpent wards, damage enemy in 20-28ft range for 10-14sec at 20 damage/sec. Bind or say '+ability'
    Bid Bad Voodoo: Invincibility for 2-3 seconds

    Required Level: 70
    Levels per ability: 5
    Fan of Knives: You have a 30-40% chance of becoming a mole
    Blink (Immunity):Chance of 50-70% to disable all enemy ultimates
    Shadow Strike: You have a 13-33% chance doing 10 additional damage (5 initial and then 5 more hits at 1hp each (increases chance for some races to evade some of it))
    Vengeance: Respawn once with 20-100HP and your old weapon

    Crypt Lord
    Required Level: 80
    Levels per ability: 5
    Impale: Shake and push the enemy, 10-33% chance
    Spiked Carapace: Get 110-200 armor on spawn, 20-40% chance to deal 10-20% mirror damage
    Carrion Beetles: You have a 20-33% chance of your beetles attacking the enemy for 5-15 extra damage
    Locust Swarm: A Swarm of Locusts steals 25HP and 10-30 armor from one random enemy

    Succubus Hunter
    Required Level: 80
    Levels per ability: 3
    Daemonic Knife: Do 50-90% extra damage with knife
    Head Hunter: 30% chance to do 20-40% more damage, gain extra 5-20 XP and collect a SKULL
    Totem Incantation : You gain 2-4HP for each skull and $5-20
    Assault Tackle: Makes you jump longer
    Daemonic Transformation : Get 22-70% invis, 20-50% lower gravity and 20-50 HP. Costs 1/2/3 SKULLs. (max 200HP)
    Flame Predator
    Required Level: 80
    Levels per ability: 4
    (knife only)
    Berserk: Pump yourself with adrenaline to gain 45-60% more speed and 25-40 HP
    Cloak of Invisibility : Put on your cloak to be 40-70% invisible.
    Levitation : Reduce your gravity by 30-60%
    Claw Attack : Hit an enemy, 30-40% chance to force a weapon drop.
    Burning Blade : Hit an enemy, 20-35% chance that he catch on fire
    Burning Inferno : 20-40% chance that you deal 110-130 damage in 17-20ft range on death

    Required Level: 100
    Levels per ability: 5
    Spawn Powers: 50-90% chance of spawning with either HP, speed, longjump, lowgravity, mole or regeneration
    Attacking Powers : 33% chance of extra damage, burning, freezing, blinding or leeching health
    Victim Powers : 33% chance to evade, mirror damage, slowdown attacker or get invisibility
    Death Powers : 30-70% chance on death to explode, respawn, give team some health or gain mana
    Ultimate Powers : 80% chance to mimic roots, teleport, chain lightning, health boost or fly
    Hells Demon
    Required Level: 100
    Levels per ability: 4
    Pride: Health,Speed and Power
    Sickle : Extra Strength to Increase Attack Damage
    Self-Esteem : What Dosent Kill you only Makes you Stronger, Increase Attack Damage when hit
    Last Strike : Damage your enemy apon Death
    Power Up : Powerup abilities of your choice
    Hell Hunter
    Required Level: 50
    Levels per ability: 4
    (elite only)
    Searing Fire Arrows: Fire a large number of Fire Arrows in a short time period
    Poison Smoke Bombs : Smoke Grenades That do Damage
    Fire Grenades : Grenades that start a Large FIre when they Explode
    Spark Flash Bangs : Teleport to Where your Flashbang Detonates
    Anti Fall Damage : Protection Against Fall Damage
    Dual Rapid Fire : Your Elites Become Two Mini Machine Guns with No Recoil
    Evangelion 01
    Required Level: 700
    Levels per ability: 16
    (DEAGLE/P90 only)
    Prog knife: Shot vibrations who dmg and knock back your enemy
    AT-Field: 5-30% chance to absorb damage
    : 1-7% chance to do 160-300 damage
    Cycloton Positrongun: 5-55% chance to paralize with you Cycloton Positrongun [p90]
    Langinus throw: 50-120 damage by throwing the holy lance who stuck into Lilith
    Required Level: 120
    Levels per ability: 7
    Fighting Thunder: Chance to do 90-240% more nade damage
    Thundrbolt : 25% chance to do 30-240% more damage
    Thunder God : 25% chance to shake enemy 1-5 seconds
    Raidens Rath : Damage 3-5 enemies at longer ranges
    Required Level: 130
    Levels per ability: 8
    Levitation: 5-11% chance to shoot enemy into the air
    Disapearing Dash : 15-33% chance to disappear for .8-1.3 sec
    The Crow : 11-33% chance to turn into a crow when killed
    Up in Smoke : Disappear in cloud of smoke and remain invisible for .5-1.7 seconds
    Shadow Of The Void
    Required Level: 130
    Levels per ability: 6
    Immune To Enemy Ultimates: 55-70% chance
    Do Extra Damage : 13-33% chance to do 3-13 damage
    Blind The Enemy : 5-20% chance to blind
    Black Hole : 20-28% chance for 2-4sec
    Eye Ra
    Required Level: 150
    Levels per ability: 6
    Resurrect: 15-50% chance to raise teammate
    Blink of an Eye : 21-33% chance to evade shots
    Lens of Truth : 5-36%{5-99} chance to reveal cloaked enemy
    Summon : Activation delay of 6-3{6-2} seconds
    Required Level: 160
    Levels per ability: 6
    Maser: 22% chance to do 30-240% more damage
    ProtoStar : 30-58% chance to raise teammate
    Messier : 13-37% chance to do more damage
    Nebula : Disappear for 1-5sec
    Required Level: 160
    Levels per ability: 6
    Speed: 10-40% more speed
    Electric Shock : 15% chance for 30-70% more damage
    Evade : 11-33% chance to evade shots
    Force Field : Freeze and take no damage for 1-4.5sec

    Die Xonvert
    Required Level: 180
    Levels per ability: 7
    Freeze by fear: *5-23% chance to freeze enemy
    Blood lust: *33% chance to get 1/8-1/3.5 hp from damage
    Ritual: *start with 12-50 extra hp
    Zeal: *move faster for 2-7sec
    Required Level: 190
    Levels per ability: 8
    Rage of the Beast: 8-22% chance to do extra damage
    Resurrection Of The Beast: 13-33% chance to respawn
    Blind: 8-28% chance to blind for .7-2 sec
    Burning Blind: 8-28% chance to blind+burn for .7-2 sec
    Teleport: Every 8-3sec for 620-2600ft
    Required Level: 200
    Levels per ability: 8
    (knife only)
    Flickering Shadows: 10-55% chance to be invisible from far
    Adrinaline: 20-60% more speed
    Blades: 5-22% chance to do double knife damage
    Levitation : 68-26% of normal gravity
    Complete Invisibility : Invisible when not moving [every 5-0sec]
    Required Level: 220
    Levels per ability: 8
    Regeneration: 18-33% chance to get 1/4-1/2.5 hp from damage
    Genocide : 18-33% chance to do extra damage
    Grenades : 18-99% chance to do extra nade damage
    Deja Vu : go back in time 1.5-5 sec

    Required Level: 240
    Levels per ability: 8
    Athena's Realm: 12-33% chance to do 20-60% more damage
    Athena's Spear: 13-33% chance for extra damage
    Necalace of Immunity: 10-45% chance to be immune to ultimates
    Golden Helmet: 20-66% chance to evade head shots
    Medusa's gaze: Freeze 3-4 people at 550-750ft every 15-10sec
    Spider Man
    Required Level: 250
    Levels per ability: 8
    Spider sense: 17-30% chance to evade shots
    Agility : Jump 20-160% further and run 10-40% faster
    Web-shooters : 13-31% chance to entangle enemy in web
    Weblines : use your Weblines to travel

    Strider Hiryu
    Required Level: 260
    Levels per ability: 6
    Flying Dragon: Bind +fly hold to fly, release to land 1-4 speed
    Advanced High Jump : 10-50% chance to increase high jump on a kill
    Kayakujutsu : Bind strider to use, The art of fire and explosives
    Portal : Save and teleport to location
    Dragon Fly
    Required Level: 270
    Levels per ability: 6
    Blood Loss: 5-35% chance to do extra damage
    Death Sparks: 18-33% chance to leave deadly sparks on death
    Weapon Menu: 28-62% chance to get a weapon menu on spawn
    Jet Fule: Fly at 1.3-3 speed with partial invisibility
    Required Level: 280
    Levels per ability: 6
    Wall Climb: Climb 45-200ft at a time
    Flip View: 5-28% chance to flip enemy view upside down
    Rematch : 25-46% chance on death to reverse time for both players in 3-8 seconds
    Zoom : Use a Scope on any weapon
    Required Level: 300
    Levels per ability: 10
    Pinochle: 18-33% chance to deal extra damage
    Spades: 1.2-2.6 long jump at 20-40% speed increase
    Clubs: 18-33% chance to push enemy when hit
    Hearts: 33% chance to leech 1/4.5-1/3hp from enemy
    Jack of all trades: Switch between AK/Scout
    Required Level: 310
    Levels per ability: 10
    (Scout only)
    Flickering Shadows: 30-48% chance to be invisible from far
    Adrinaline: 20-66% speed increase
    Scout : 13-55% chance to deal extra damage
    Levitation : Lower gravity to .68-.26 of normal
    Complete Invisibility : Teleport to and become invisible at increasing speeds
    Required Level: 320
    Levels per ability: 10
    Flickering Shadows: 20-75% chance to be invisible from far
    Adrinaline : 20-56% speed increase
    Blade : 50% chance for (1-10)-(65-100) extra damage
    Levitation : Lower gravity to .68-.46 of normal
    Complete Invisibility : Teleport to and become invisible 620-1600ft
    Required Level: 320
    Levels per ability: 4
    Milk&Cookies: Gain health from attacks
    Presents: A bag full of grenades!
    Nice List: You or a teammate comes back to life
    Sleigh: Fly around at increasing speed.

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