So I'm pissed. I went to go edit the GG maps and seriously spent like all day trying to figure out gg_super_mario_reloaded and knas_speedcastle_css. I got it to work on my machine but not on others. Something with the embedding of the materials and textures was NOT working and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why.

About six hours ago, I stumbled across THIS lovely link:

Fixed materials compiled into the map not being loaded correctly if they're in the root materials folder.

Our current plan is to update CSS on Mon, Aug 16.
I go and open up the CS:S Beta and sure enough, gg_super_mario_reloaded, the original version, works. What fucking bullshit. I spent hours on that shit just to find out that it would automatically be fixed in a few days.

However, a little bit of good DID come out of it. knas_speedcastle_css was still fucked up in the CS:S Beta, and I was actually able to get that one to work. Hopefully it works for everyone else, too. I basically added a cs_havana texture on top of the white/see-through stuff and everyone should have cs_havana textures so it's win!

So here's the dl and hopefully it works for everyone else. A few friends tested it out and it worked for them, so it should for you, too.