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    So for years I have used 2 1500va battery backups for my office. One for the computer and one for everything else. Well it turns out that it does not have enough power to supply my computer during an actual outage and therefore my computer gets owned every time there is a serge or anything else as the unit overloads and shuts off instantly.

    As a result I need something with over 1500va support however I am not going to be able to supply 20amp sockets (I will half to use a converter cable). I am not using enough power to overload 15A so I know I am good. The problem is that I need to try to find a good battery backup that is not crazy expensive and also is as light as possible. I only need a few min of battery backup anyways, just enough to turn the computer off.

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    o.O thats alot of power, and Im not sure what you think means crazy expencive when you get that high,

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    Go to your local battery shop, if u have one, and they will make up a custom made multi unit with the needed switches + connections (which u could probably wire up yourself). I'd use a deep cycle for longer life with less charging required.

    I happen to have an Interstate Battery shop in my area, if you look in the yellow pages I'm sure one will pop up.

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    Actually I think the problem is that my BBU is not pure sinewave and that my PSU requires that because it uses Active PFC.

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